Have Yourself A Merry Little [INSERT HOLIDAY].

I think we are all aware of how difficult this year has been. COVID-19 has been circling my house like a vulture catching multiple people in the outer fringes of our social circles. We have divided which family members are coming to which holiday event and/or birthday party (we have three December birthdays in our house). It is hard to distance ourselves from our family and friends, particularly this time of year.

We are a Christmas house. We have an elf for our shelf, Santa’s direct cell phone number, a baby tucked away in a barn with his parents, and a star on top of a tree.
And this year, our family is one full-time job short of being able to have a full collection of pretty gifts under the tree come Christmas morning. I will be honest. It hurts to know my children might be missing out, but I’m not sure they will notice or care.
I think this year is a good time for everyone to refocus the holidays. Let’s revisit the older traditions that seem to have faded, such as baking cookies, singing songs together, making tree ornaments, or cutting paper snowflakes.

People, movies, books, music, and other media forms like to designate themes to Christmas. Giving. The birth of Christ. Togetherness. Forgiveness. Love. Friendship. Hallmark Movies.
This year we probably need them all, though if you aren’t Christian, it’s probably ok to leave Jesus out, and I plan on doing something different this year, just for you.

I am going to film and post videos of me singing Christmas/wintery seasoned songs for you. I admit I am not a fantastic singer and can get a little pitchy. That’s not important. I will be sharing a bit of myself with you this season and hopefully a bit of cheer, hope, friendship, and love.

Look for the first one later today, and maybe one day we can all sing together.

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